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Contact me:

Just wanted to let you know that we are getting RAVE reviews on our routine and how good the choreography is.  We have had 3 competitions already this year and have placed 1st in 2!  We appreciate all your hard work and the amazing choreography you gave us!

Coach Meyerhoff,

Roosevelt High SD

Hart & Sole is a cheerleading shoe designed by you & made for you.

Trisha, thanks for a great weekend of choreography.

It was truly a joy watching you in action.

-Donna Rogers, Ultimate Cheer Gemz

Contributor to

CBN Aug/Sept 2010
CBN Aug/Sept 2010


Adding an all-star dance team to your gym can make your business grow and take you to the top.  By Brianne Carlon


  "You are what your program reputation is, so use that to create a dance image.”
—Trisha Hart


Trisha Hart was featured on the Bursh High Cheerleaders episode of MADE that originally aired on Saturday, October 24 at 8pm ET/PT on MTV. 


she will never back down......